Remote Server Administration Tools

Remote Server Administration Tools makes it possible to manage a Windows 2008 server from you workstation. This tool is the Windows 2003 Administration Tools, which was available for Windows 2003, for Windows 2008. This tool is only available for 32 and 6 bits Vista systems.

Create users via CSV

As you may now you can do many things with Powershell to get things done in Exchange. Somethings can only be done via Powershell.

MCTS Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Configuring

Regular expressions

Create a user via Powershell

This tutorial will explain how you can create users via Powershell.

Voice Ignite Paris

Voice Ignite Parijs



Configure Exchange UMTestphone

This tutorial will help you to install the Exchange UMTestphone. This tutorial will not contain info on how to configure Exchange 2007 UM.

UM opties activeren voor gebruiker

This tutorial will explain how you can activate the UM options for a user.

Configure Exchange UM

In this tutorial I will explain how you can configure the UM option in Exchange. In this tutorial I assume that you already have installed the UM functionality.