Voice Ignite Parijs

I’m back from Paris todays now in Paris where I went to the Microsoft Voice Ignite. It were 5 great days where I have learned a lot, meet a lot of new people en saw a lot. Besides the slides that were presented they made sames labs too so you could try it out for yourself. On thursday we got a “Make it real” scenario where we need to make our own design. Together with my collegue we need to work with some French guys.  What a cocksure guys to French they won’t speak English only French. The last day we saw a few slides and did 1 lab “Make it Right” where you have to solve all the issues the guys from Microsoft have build in the lab. Soon there will be more tutorials on my site I am thinking which subject I will do but I think it will be Exchange 2007, Powershell and maybe Office Communications Server. I would see have a look at my site now and then and you will see it yourself.


Johan Veldhuis