Fortimail solves backscattering

Today I had an online presentation of the new software version of the Fortimail. In the new version there’s a solution for the unwanted NDR’s called Bounce Verification. The Fortimail will add an extra entry to the header of each mail send from internally. When a NDR is received by the Fortimail it will check for this entry. If it can’t find the entry it will execute the action that is specified in the specific policy. If the entry exists it is an legitime NDR and the Fortimail will let this message past.


Spoofing happens more often now a days. For the people who don’t know what spoofing is: with spoofing spammers will use an internal address that are hosted by your mailserver to send a message to a user internally. With this method it looks like another user is sending spam to an existing user in your environment. When you will investigate the headers of the mail you will see that the mail is send via an external IP-address.

Microsoft Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator version 16.0

The guys from the Microsoft Exchange Team have worked on a new version of the Storage Requirements Calculator. This week version 16 is released of the Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator. It’s a very useful tool when you need to determine what are the storage requirements for your mailbox server.

Block mails to specific domain

In Exchange 2003 we could prevend sending to a domain with delivery rectrictions. In Exchange 2007 we can do this by using transport rules _this can be created on the Hub Transport server. When we start the wizard and specify the name the next step is to define the _conditions, here we choose the following options:

Exchange 2007 versionnumbers

Such as every software Exchange also has a versionnumber. Below a short overview of versionnumbers:

Add multiple BypassedSenderDomains

Maybe you discovered it yourself, maybe not. When you want to add values to the bypassedsenderdomains parameter via the set-contentfilterconfig you will lose all previous settings.

Scoped Send Connector

Normally creating a send connector is not really exited. The next step in the wizard is used for giving the domain for which the send connector needs to be used. But when you have a look at the bottom of the screen you will find the option scoped send connector, but what is the effect of enabling this option.

Exchange 2007 logs

For troubleshooting mail delivery issues it can be usefull to have some logs, but where can you find them in Exchange 2007.

Safe List Aggregation

As you may no Exchange 2007 contains anti-spam agents. Besides this it’s possible for a user to create a safe list which a user can add senders from which he receives mail but he/she wants to ensure that they are not marked as spam. With multi-layer spam solutions this can cause issues. It can happen that a mail is not accepted by the Edge Transport server while the user wants to receive the mail.