For troubleshooting mail delivery issues it can be usefull to have some logs, but where can you find them in Exchange 2007.

Most logs can be found in c:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\Logs, below this directory multiple subdirectories are created:

  • AgentLog, in this directory logs are created from the AntiSpam-agents. In these logs you can view per mail which antispam agents will be processed by which agent and what the result is.
  • MessageTracking, in this directory logs are created when Message Tracking is enabled.
  • ProtocolLog, _below this directory there are 2 subdirectories _SMTPReceived _and _SMTPSend _as you can see the names of the directories the directory _SMTPReceived  contains logs with entries of all received mails. In the SMTPSend directory all logs with entries of all send mail are created.
  • Routing, in this directory XML files are created containing all routing groups and send connectors and al the details of them.

Not all logs can be read easily, below a link to the Log parser. With this tool you display the logs in a format which is easy to read.



Johan Veldhuis