Review ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange

Exchange 2013 is available for a few months now and people may start to consider to implement it either in greenfield or in their current Exchange environment. The last one is an option which became an option with the release of Exchange 2013 CU1.

Creating backup tasks for Snapmanager for Exchange using a script

Creating backups from Exchange databases is recommended just like backing up your other data. When using Netapp storage you can use the Snapmanager for Exchange to perform the backups. This product makes it possible to create a backup of a database within a few minutes.

Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 1 released

Microsoft has released the first rollup for SP3 today. This rollups contains several interesting fixes among them a fix to resolve an issue which was introduced in SP3

The Exchange Virtual Conference

Colleague Exchange MVP and The UC Architects member Paul Cunningham launched the idea to organize an Exchange Virtual Conference in January 2013. He asked several people who are active in the Exchange community to attend this conference among them me.

New version of iOS cleanup script released

In this new version of the iOS cleanup script there are some new features besides the code optimalization:

Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator released

One of the most important subjects in an Exchange design is the correct sizing ofthe enviroment. Microsoft has defined several guidelines which need to be used which are described on TechNet. Since today the Server Role Requirements Calculator has been added.

The Exchange 2013 alphabet: Database Availability Group – part 2

In the first part of this blog we looked at the theory and some examples. In this blog we will continue with configuring and managin the DAG.

Exchange 2013: e-Discovery tasks stay queued

During some testing in a lab environment which contained Exchange 2010 SP3 and Exchange 2013 I found a strange issue. The e-discovery tasks all got stuck in the queue.

Redmond: where’s my Exchange Admin Center

Since CU1 is available it is possible to implement Exchange 2013 in an environment which contains Exchange 2010 SP3. This will create the option to migrate your resources to Exchange 2013. As you may now the Exchange Management Console (EMC) is replaced by the  Exchange Admin Center (EAC) a web based admin tool.

The Exchange 2013 alphabet: Database Availability Group – part 1

In an earlier blog we had a brief look at the Database availability Group (DAG) of Exchange 2013. In this blog we will have a closer look how it works and how you can create it.