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Exchange 2007 uses MX record even is sending via a smarthost

Normally when using a smarthost you wouldn’t expect that the mailserver does a query for the MX record in DNS. Well it does in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. A while ago I found a post on Technet from someone from Microsoft who mentioned this. I found it pretty weird so I thought let’s test it. And indeed when using a smarthost and making a networktrace you will find out that it does a query for the MX record in DNS.

User alias is incorrectly displayed in the to field in Outlook

This week I had a strange issue but I was able to solve it. There were some serious issues with a user and the only solution was to recreate the user-account. On first sight no problem you will need to trick somethings but it will work. After recreating the user I reconnect the old mailbox and it looked OK.

Can’t mount Exchange Database: error 0xfffff764

It doesn’t happen daily that one or more databases will get corrupt in your Exchange 2003 environment and can’t be mounted anymore. But it can happen when for example a database will not be shutdown normally which can be caused by a systemcrash.

Enable/disable ActiveSync

Today I got a question if it was possible to disable ActiveSync in Exchange 2007. The answer: yes this is possible and goes really easy:

Microsoft has release Rollup 8 for Exchange 2007 SP1

It has been a few days ago since Microsoft has release Rollup 8 for Exchange 2007 SP1. I was pretty busy the last few days so that’s why the post is a little bit later then normal..

Disable Send Out of Office auto-replies to External Senders in OWAby default

A question on the forum made me thinking. Somebody wandered if it was possible to change the default of the Send Out of Office auto-replies to External Senders option which is on to off.

Strange issue, easy solution

Today I had a nice issue. After implementing 2 new domain controllers and deconfiguring the 2 old ones there where some strange issue with the Exchange Management Console. For example setting mail quota’s was not possible this caused the following error:

Which schema version belongs to which Exchange

During a search I found this nice kb article which explains how you can see which schema version you are using for Exchange and AD.

Problems exporting a mailbox

Exporting mail from a mailbox is in most cases no issue, but sometimes you can have issues with it: