Microsoft Exchange couldn’t start transport agents. The Microsoft Exchange Transport service will be stopped. This is one of the errors you may get when you’ve got a corrupted transport agent. This can cause that the transport service won’t start anymore as you can see in the example, which causes that the mail traffic will stall.

There are two solutions for this issue

– remove the transport agent

– disable the transport agent

The first method maybe is the best method because you have a corrupted agent on your system which you don’t want. To remove the agent execute the following Powershell command:

Uninstall-TransportAgent 'Name of the Agent'

If you would like to do some more research you may decide to temporarily disable the agent, this can be done by using the following Powershell command:

Disable-TransportAgent -Identity 'Name of the Agent'

When you solved the issue you can enable the agent by using this command:

Enable-TransportAgent -Identity 'Name of the Agent'

If you would like to have more information then have a look at the site below:

Technet: Transport Agent Cmdlets open


Johan Veldhuis