Setting up a Geo DNS environment in your test lab – part II

In the first part of this blog we did configure the Geo DNS server and the Database Availability Group. We now will continue with configuring the CAS role and after that perform some testing.

Setting up a Geo DNS environment in your test lab – part I

In one of my previous blogs about Exchange 2013 we talked about how we can install Exchange 2013 using the cmdline.

Microsoft releases Exchange 2010 SP2 Rollup 5

Microsoft has release Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP2 yesterday. This rollup contains fixes for the following issues:

Configure Exchange 2013 RTM via the Exchange Management Shell

In the previous blog we had a look how we could install a multi-role Exchange 2013 server via the command prompt. In this blog we will have a look at how to configure this Exchange 2013 environment.

Installing Exchange 2013 RTM using the command prompt

In this blog we will have a look how we can implement a multi rol Exchange 2013 server. We will install the RTM version of Exchange 2013 on a Windows 2012 server.

Federation issue after is migrated to Office 365

During the implementation of a rich-coexistence environment between an Exchange 2010 On-Premise environment and Office 365 I had an issue with the Free/Busy which didn’t work correctly. Using the On-Premise environment I could retrieve the Free/Busy information from an Office 365 user but it didn’t worked from Office 365 to On-Premise. The error I got was that it couldn’t connect to the On-Premise environment

Exchange 2013 hits RTM

Last Friday Exchange 2013 has reached the RTM status. With reaching this status the PG confirms that the code is completed and so Exchange 2013 is ready for use in production use.

Microsoft releases v2 of the latest Exchange 2010 Rollups

Microsoft has just released version 2 of the latest Exchange 2010 SP1 and SP2 rollups. At this moment you can’t find a lot of information about it. The only reference which can be found on the dowload pages of both rollups is a reference to security bulletin MS12-058. In this security bulletin an issue is described about a vulnerability in the Web Ready Document Viewing functionality of Exchange 2010 in the Oracle Outside In Libraries

The end of ForeFront Protection for Exchange (FPE) what are the consequences?

Last Saturday we recorded the 8th episode of TheUCArchitects and one of the subjects was the announcement made by Microsoft about TMG and ForeFront Protection for Exchange.

Voicemails are not delivered to the inbox

As you may already know Exchange 2010 has the option to deliver voicemails in a mailbox of a user. The SMTP protocol is used to deliver the message to the HUB server which delivers it to the mailbox server.