Last Friday Exchange 2013 has reached the RTM status. With reaching this status the PG confirms that the code is completed and so Exchange 2013 is ready for use in production use.

But we will have to wait till we can download the software. Starting half November the download will be available via TechNet. In the Q1 of 2013 the software will be available for the rest of the world also known as General Availability (GA).

In future blogs we will have a look at the new features of Exchange 2013.

We will finish this blog with a table which contains the RTM date of the last 3 Exchange versions:

  Signed Off/RTM Version Number
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 7 December 2006 8.0.685.24
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 8 October 2009 14.00.0639.021
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 12 October 2012 15.0.516.32


Johan Veldhuis