How to publish your Exchange environment correctly for Lync Mobile 2013

Several companies have published their Exchange environment by using TMG. As you may know Microsoft has announced to discontinue the product but when working in the field you will still see that customers are using TMG.

Using OWA and Internet Explorer 11

Now Windows 8.1 RTM is available via Technet and MSDN it is installed by several ITpro’s. And then it is just a matter of time befor someone finds  an issue. This because the code of Exchange doesnt recognize Internet Explorer 11 correctly and this will result in OWA to be displayed in light mode. As you may know OWA light doesn’t connect all the options which are available in the full blown OWA. Microsoft will probably fix this in a future update so you can use Internet Explorer 11 in full blown mode. This is confirmed by something I discovered when using Office 365. It looks like my tenant is already upgraded because Interne Explorer 11 works OK for me. The on-premise environments will need to wait till Microsoft releases an update which contains the correct code to recognize Internet Explorer 11.

Review: Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Cookbook: Second Edition


Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 2 released

Microsoft has released Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 2 yesterday. This rollup will fix the following issues:

SefaUtil GUI

If you have worked with Lync Enterprise voice then you have probably used Sefautil (secondary extension feature activation). A cmdline tool which allows you to configure several settings related to enterprise voice for example:

Deploy Exchange 2013 CU’s

This weeks the second version of the second cumulative update has been released for Exchange 2013. As you may already know Microsoft has changed his update process completely with the introduction of Exchange 2013. No more rollups and only cumulative updates (CU’s).

Congratulations 2013 Microsoft MVP!


Cleanup Shadow Redundancy Queues

Depending on your environment a Hub server will contain one of more shadow redundancy queues. You could clean them up by using the queue viewer but this can be a lot of work if you have multiple Hub servers in that case Powershell is the way to go.

Review ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange

Exchange 2013 is available for a few months now and people may start to consider to implement it either in greenfield or in their current Exchange environment. The last one is an option which became an option with the release of Exchange 2013 CU1.

Creating backup tasks for Snapmanager for Exchange using a script

Creating backups from Exchange databases is recommended just like backing up your other data. When using Netapp storage you can use the Snapmanager for Exchange to perform the backups. This product makes it possible to create a backup of a database within a few minutes.