A few weeks ago the Exchange 2013 version of the Powershell Cookbook was published by Packt Publishing. This version also introduced a additional writer for the book: Jonas Andersson. A frequent Exchange blogger with quality articles so before I started reading I was convinced the book should be from high quality also. The second writer is the one who was also responsible for the first part Mike Pfeiffer. Those who missed the first part and are working with Exchange 2010, please read the book it contains very usefull info.

Enough about the writers and the first part . Let’s start reviewing the secondary part which is mostly decicated to Exchange 2013. The book starts from the beginning so if you are not familiar with Powershell the book will introduce how Powershell will work and you can benefit from it. And trust me I also found some nice tips for future use my scripts although I use Powershell almost every deployment.

Once the writers discus some basics which you really want to know they describe the abilities Powershell will give your per part of Exchange. For example they discuss which Powdershell cmdlets you can use for managing the Exchange Transport part. Per Exchange part a very clear description is given including some really nice examples.

As last and bonus part the writers describe how you can use EWS via Powershell which extends Powershell again. For those who are familiar with basic Powershell this is a must read chapter.

So what’s my conclusion about the book: a really nice book both for Exchange Powershell starters but also for people that are more experienced with Powershell for Exchange.

You can buy the book via the site below:

Packt Publishing


Johan Veldhuis