Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

Today Microsoft has release rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 SP1.  This rollup contains fixes for several issues:

Change OWA’s default language

Many people will use the Outlook Web Access (OWA) functionality. The default language is set to 0 this will ensure that users will be prompted the first time they login to define the default language. Users can change this later by going to the regional settings in OWA.

Server Installation and Automation Guides

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Exchange 2003 keeps resending the same mail

Today I had a nice issue with Exchange. For some kind of strange reason Exchange 2003 kept sending the same mails.  Even when deleting the mails from the queue in the Exchange System Manager. A result of this was that the bandwidth was almost used 100% so I adjusted the simultaneous connections etc, without any effect.

Setup.com /M:RecoverServer

Last week I have been working on an Exchange 2007 migration. After preparing the server for installation I installed the CAS/hub role. Everything went fine till we wanted to modify the settings of the virusscanner. For some strange reason it was not possible to add some exclusions and it was not possible to remove the virusscanner.

Mail flow issues in coexistence scenario

In a lot of cases Exchange 2007 wil be installed in the current Exchange 2003 environment. During the setup you will have to choose the Exchange 2003 bridgehead server to use for sending mail to the other organization and the internet. After this a routing group connector will be created which will be used to transport mail.

Use Powershell script to disable mailboxes

Why do it the hard way instead of the easy way,  imagine you’ve got several mailboxes which you would like to disable and you’ve got them listed in a CSV file. Why shouldn’t you use Powershell to do this.

Installation of Groupshield changes authentication method

Redirect port 80 to 443 with IIS

I think you may have needed it in the passed, you want to prevent that users can access a website on port 80 but also want to prevent they got an error displayed. The script below is the solution for this issue, it will redirect the user to the https version of the website.

Prepare Windows 2008 for Exchange 2007

Just as like Windows 2003 you need to add some components to Windows 2008 before you can install Exchange 2007. In this tutorial I will explain which need to be installed on which server and made some scripts for it, that’s far more easier then typing the commands one by one ;-).