Today I had a nice issue with Exchange. For some kind of strange reason Exchange 2003 kept sending the same mails.  Even when deleting the mails from the queue in the Exchange System Manager. A result of this was that the bandwidth was almost used 100% so I adjusted the simultaneous connections etc, without any effect.

So I decided to search for a solution for this issue. I found a post on expert-exchange which described almost the same issue. It adviced to use MFCMAPI to cleanup the temp table. The specific messages may get stuck in that table

After applying the solution the issue was solved indeed, below you will find the steps to solve the issue:

  • download and install MFCMAPI
  • choose session and select logon and display store tables
  • if there are multiple profiles found you will be asked to select a profile, in this case select the administrator profile
  • an overview of the mailbox and public folders will be displayed. Select MDB  and choose the option get mailbox table
  • an overview of all mailboxes found in the store will be displayed. Search for the mailbox of SMTP
  • search in the left pane for Temp Tables
  • delete all sub folders below the Temp Tables, _when asked if the messages need to be _hard deleted choose to do this
  • restart the SMTP service


Johan Veldhuis