Their back the problems with the internet connection . After the activities of Wednesday on Thursday night misery started.  As your perhaps have read on my website, it is hosted on a web server which is connected to an ADSL-line from Xs4all. Thursday the line started having issues already more often then normal and Friday the line wasn’t there anymore . Since the server does not stand where I live we started Sunday evening with troubleshooting. After some rebooting and resetting of the modem the stupid thing worked again and saw the line. But that was not for long. After 2 hours online the connection was broken and didn’t came up again . Today I contacted Xs4all where I had 19 persons in front of me. Eventually I got someone on the line which could help me. I must say that he helped well and cooperated with everything. The conclusion after 20 minutes was that he could no help me and that I need to be in touch with the guys from the 2nd line. At that moment it was 20:10 and the 2nd line was already closed so I should contact them again tomorrow. Conclusion will probably be that there is something wrong with the KPN line. This because removing the splitter device between the modem and the incoming line doesn’t solve the issue. If you are interested in how this problem is solved, stay tuned 😉


Johan Veldhuis