Today I contacted Xs4all again since Internet was not working since 23:00. This morning I rebooted the modem several tims but unfortunately no success. As agreed with the helpdesk I called back today and happy I was rapidly put through with 2nd line. There I got a person on the line which asked several questions and tried some things. Conclusion: Xs4all can’t do anything about it and needs to put it through their networksupplier (if think it’s KPN),  for a network measuring. No problem on the first sight only then the person told me that it lasts 3 up to 6 working days before they have carried out the test. After the telephone call we putted back the splitter-device .  And after that it worked, I wonder myself for how long 😉 I looked at the logging of the modem it goes down and up and down and up ; -)

So now we have to wait for 3  to 6 working days perhaps then we know where the problem is caused by, or maybe the problem dissapears spontaneously. 😉


Johan Veldhuis