Since yesterday I had a nice issue with Virtual PC, the console wouldn’t open anymore. The icon was visible in the taskbar so I could start a VM from there. After some searching on the internet I found out that I was nog the only one who had this issue, below 3 solutions I found that you could try:

  • Close Virtual PC and delete the following file %appdata%\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml.  Warning!, all you gloab configuration settings will be lost.
  • Use this page as an example to edit the Options.xml, change the values of left_position and top_position to a smaller value.
  • Start Virtual PC and press ALT, Left Arrow, Down Arrow, m, Left Arrow and move the mouse, you should be able to see the console again.

If this tips won’t work then the only solution is to reinstall Virtual PC, in my case this was the solution 😉


Johan Veldhuis