E-mailaddress policies always funny to work with them, sometimes you will have to puzzle a bit. Since Exchange 2007 you will have the possibility to use a wizard to create an e-mailaddress policy. Within the wizard a few templates are created which you can use. But sometimes you might want to create your own template. In that case you can use the following parameters:

  • %s : surename
  • %g : givenname
  • %i : initials
  • %d : display name 
  • %m : Exchange 2003 alias
  • %rxy : replaces the character after the r with the last character, in this example x is replaced by y.

As you can see you can use several parameters but what if you would like to use only the first 2 characters of the givenname. This can be simply done by adding the number 2 before the g, so %2g. Let’s give some examples, our user has the following name Piet van der Kolk.

If you would like to have more examples then have a look at the site below. The site is made for Exchange 2003 but the parameters can still be used in Exchange 2010:

Technet – How to modify an SMTP E-Mail Address by Using Recipient Policies open


Johan Veldhuis