Exchange 2010 – ECP

Exchange 2010 RC is available for a while now and just as with every new version Exchange 2010 contains many new features. One of this feature is the Exchange Control Panel, with this option administrators/users can modify several items. Besides this users of specific groups can perform compliance searches via the Exchange Control Panel.

DNS records needed for Exchange

DNS records and Exchange, it’s not really hard but it’s very important to configure them correctly. Incorrect DNS records and especially pointer records can cause issues with mail delivery.

Exchange 2007 SP2

If everything goes OK Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 will be released tonight and else tomorrow. That’s what a post from Paul Rowden (Release Manager Exchange Development) will tell you. Paul posted the text below:

Moving logs of a CCR enabled storage group

When you would like to change the log path of a normal storage group it’s not very hard, but when you want to change the log path of a storage group which is CCR enabled then you will need to do a few more things.

Exchange 2010 RC

Microsoft has released Exchange 2010 Release Candidate today. The release candidate is available as VHD and as installable version. The release candidate can be installed on both Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. With this Exchange 2010 will be the only version of Exchange which is supported to run on Windows 2008 R2 for now. Several sources report that Exchange 2007 will not be supported on Windows  2008 R2, even when service pack 2 will be available.

Steps to perform before installing a Rollup

Install a rollup for Exchange, that’s the way it goes most times. But in some cases it can go wrong, OWA doesn’t work anymore after an upgrade is an example of this. To prevent this from happening Amit Tank (MVP Exchange) wrote an article where he explains which steps to be performed before installing the rollup. Besides this he also explains which logs are created in case you need to troubleshoot an issue.

OWA doesn’t work after installing Rollup

On several forums you will see that installing a rollup can break down OWA. One of the issues you can have is that a blank screen will be presented with in the url reason 0 as a parameter.

Exchange and using the ä in an e-mail address

Last week I found a nice issue on a forum. A user who managed an Exchange server in a Scandinavian country had issues with using the letter ä in an e-mail address. When a user had this name the e-mail address was generated with an ae instead of the ä.

A while ago …

It has been a while but since this week I am back online thanks to my neighbour.  My own provider hasn’t been able to arrange the new connection despite several phone calls and a letter which mentioned the line should be working on 21-7.

Exchange 2007 shared address space

Sometimes you will find the situation having several types of mailservers within one organization, for example Exchange in combination with another mailserver. But how can you arrange that Exchange will accept the mail, checks if the recipient exists on the Exchange server and if not will forward it to the other mailserver.