Move-mailbox fails with strange error

During the conversion of a pilot to production environment I found a nice issue. The mailboxes needed to be moved from the old mailbox server to the new mailbox server. Normally not a very exciting proces which can be done both by using the Exchange Management Console as Exchange Management Shell. But the move from the old Exchange 2010 mailbox server to the new Exchange 2010 mailbox server failed with a strange error. So first I had a look in the event log of the server and found the following error:

Why the use of PST, OST and PAB files is unsupported over LAN/WAN Links

Sometimes you may have the discussion if it is supported to place these files on fileserver so they can be accessed via a LAN/WAN connection. The answer for this is no, it isn’t officially supported by Microsoft. But when you will try it in your environment it will work, so what are the reasons it isn’t supported?

Updated Exchange Server Supportability Matrix

Because Microsoft hasn’t released the new version of the Exchange Supportability Matrix I decided to create my own updated version. This “new” version is created using the information found on Technet. If your missing something please let me know so I can update it:

PrepareAD has either not been run or has not been replicated

Today I had a nice issue at a customer site who tried to install Exchange in a test environment. First I will give a short introduction. Let’s say you have an AD forest which contains a child domain where you want to host Exchange in. You first will need to do some things in the forest before you can install Exchange in the child domain. You will start with the schema upgrade followed by the forest prep. As last step you will prepare the child domain and you could start the Exchange setup to install Exchange.

Forefront for Exchange 2010 installation issue

I had a nice issue during the installation of Forefront for Exchange 2010. It began with an issue with the pre-release which caused the Exchange Transport service to stop after a failed update of Forefront. This had as result that several Forefront services didn’t start anymore. As the Exchange Transport service is dependent on the Forefront service this had as result that this service didn’t start anymore also. Which caused no mails could be send and received.

Microsoft releases Rollup 2 for Exchange 2007 SP2

Microsoft has released rollup 2 for Exchange 2007 SP2, this rollup contains several fixes among which:

Backup software for exchange 2010

Almost all software vendors have updated their backup software so it can backup Exchange 2010. Because there are a lot of packages I decided to create a small overview:

Make OCS client available in OWA

Microsoft has released OCS 2007 R2 Web Service provider a while ago, with this piece of software you will make a limited OCS client available via OWA. In this tutorial I will explain how you can get the OCS client working together with the OWA from Exchange 2010. You can download the software using the link below:

Before installing the software make sure you have a certificate installed which is trusted by the OCS server. When you’ve downloaded the requested files you can start installing them. The file CWAOWASSPMain contains four seperate files and the patch file consists of one MSP file, the files need to be installed in the following order:

  • vcredist_x64
  • UcmaRedist.msi
  • UcmaRedist.msp

When the files are installed it’s time to build the configuration. First we need to gather some information about the certificate being used by the IIS service, you can do this by running the following command in Powershell get-exchangecertificate |fl. You will get an overview of all installed certificates on the CAS server search for the one that is used for IIS, this one can be recognized by checking the entries after the services label. From this certificate we need the values of two fields:

  • Issuer
  • SerialNumber

Using %r in the e-mailaddress policy

E-mailaddress policies always funny to work with them, sometimes you will have to puzzle a bit. Since Exchange 2007 you will have the possibility to use a wizard to create an e-mailaddress policy. Within the wizard a few templates are created which you can use. But sometimes you might want to create your own template. In that case you can use the following parameters:

Copy transport rules

In Exchange 2010 the transport rules functionality have been expanded, as the configuration of Hub servers is saved in the AD transport rules will also be saved there. This has an advantage that multiple Hub servers in the same Exchange organization can use these transport rules.