It’s time for the 3rd article about Exchange 2010 Beta, in this article we will have a closer look Outlook Web Access Mailbox Policies. In Exchange 2007 configuring which features you want to activate in OWA could only be done per user or global on the OWA itself, in Exchange 2010 Beta there’s a new features called: Outlook Web Access Mailbox Policies. With this policies you can deactivate items for users. When selecting the CAS server under the Organization Configuration you will see two tabs instead of one tab, just as in Exchange 2007.

Outlook Web Access Mailbox Policies

Default there is only one policy called default, in this policy all features are enabled. If you would like to change this you can create a new policy or change the default policy. When creating a new policy you will see the following screen:

Create new Outlook Web Access Mailbox Policy

The only thing you will need to define is a name for the policy and which features you would like to deactivate, default all options are enabled.

When finished configuring the policy just push the new policy and the policy is created.

New Outlook Web Access Mailbox policy created

When the policy is created the only thing you will need to do is assign the polocy to users. This can be done by selecting a user below the recipient configuration option, get the properties of the user and select the tab  mailbox features:

Mailbox features

Here you will see all connection possibilities that a user has to access his/her mailbox, select Outlook Web Access and select properties

Outlook Web Access Properties

In the new opened window you can assign Outlook Web Access mailbox policy to the user. For this you will need to do two things place a checkmark before Outlook Web Access mailbox policy and choose the policy which you like to assign to the user by selecting the browse button.


Johan Veldhuis