A really simple Powershellscript, the script below will make it possible to create a room and will add extra permissions to it:

[string] $room
New-Mailbox -database 'MBX-srv\Mailbox Database' -Name $room -OrganizationalUnit 'Conference Rooms' -DisplayName $room -UserPrincipalName room@domain.local -Room
Add-adpermission $room -User domain\administrator -Extendedrights 'Receive-As”

Executing the script:: new-room.ps1 ‘meetingroom1’

The script will place all rooms in the OU named Conference Rooms.

First the name will be read that is specified after the name of the parameter room$. After this the mailbox will be created as  a mailbox of the type room. The last step is setting the extra permissions, this is done by using the command add-_adpermission, in this case the _receive-as will be added but also send-as is an option.

Below a few links to the Technet pages of the used commands:

Technet add-adpermission open

Technet new-mailbox open


Johan Veldhuis