As each version of a software package each package will need some tricks to solve issues. With Exchange 2007 this is also the case. It can happen that the Microsoft Exchange Transport service won’t start. When you have this issue you may see several events with the ID 5023. This was the case which I found on a forum. The cause of this issue appears to be an empty MsExchHomeRoutinggroup attribute.

To solve this issue we need to use ADSIEdit. First make a backup before making the changes as the change can cause more problems then you have at this moment.

Next you will need to follow the following procedure:

  • open ADSIEdit and choose to open the configuration context
  • search the attribute with the value Exchange Administrative Group
  • get the properties of the Exchange Routing Group object
  • copy the value of distinguishedName
  • search for the Servers object under the Exchange Administrative Group 
  • get the properties of the HUB serverand search for the msExchHomeRoutingGroup attribute
  • open msExchHomeRoutingGroup and fill in the value which you copied in step 4
  • check if Exchange 2007 server is displayed in the ESM
  • restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service

The procedure and more information can also be found in a KB article from Microsoft, see the link below.



Johan Veldhuis