When you would like to use other addresses internal then external you may want to use the New-AddressRewriteEntry Powershell command to let Exchange do this for you.

New-AddressRewriteEntry -Name 'Address rewrite for test.local' -InternalAddress test.local -ExternalAddress corporate.com

With the code above Exchange will modify the address piet@test.local to piet@corporate.com when the user sends an e-mail to for example Hotmail.

To see all the entries you create execute the following Powershell command get-AddressRewriteEntry

If you don’t want to use the rule anymore you can simply delete the entry by executing the remove-AddressRewriteEntry. If you want to remove the entry that we just created execute the following code:

Remove-AddressRewriteEntry 'Address rewrite for test.local'


Johan Veldhuis